Protect your Windows PC with Avast

Avast is the most-trusted antivirus brand globally.
Fully compatible with Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, 7, Vista and XP SP3.

Stop anything nasty
Detect viruses, malware and more, plus strengthen your home network.

NEWCapture emerging threats
Real-time analysis of unknown files, so viruses can’t take you by surprise.

Reclaim your browser
Get rid of unwanted extensions and hackers making money off your searches.

Forget your passwords
Almost. Log in anywhere with just one. We’ll make it unbreakable.

Spot fakes
Make sure the banking site you’re visiting is the one you think it is.

Shop till you drop
Not till someone steals your details.

Shield your privacy
Stop anyone and everyone from getting to your computer.

Avoid spam at all costs*
Keep your inbox clean, lean, and organized.

Beat hackers – automatically
Update your software without even thinking about it.

Shred before you sell
Or lend or repair. Deleting doesn’t get rid of files for good.

* Anti-spam is available as a separate, free download.

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